No-snow Winter Must-try's

Snow is never a guarantee, especially in some parts of the world. There will be cold days without the soft, powdery snow that frequents every person’s romanticized “white Christmas”, but you can still have a fun time with just the chill and spirit of the holidays!
Cups of Warmth
Even without snow, the cold breath of mother nature still blows across in the winter. If you aren’t planning to go out, there’s always the option to just stay in and keep warm. Brew some hot chocolates or whip up some eggnog while enjoy your place by a cozy fire. You can watch a movie with your family or just enjoy some “you time”.
Cool-air walks
You can also do the opposite of staying indoors by waking your system with a brisk but healthy winter walk. The crisp seasonal air may be a little sharp, but it never felt as clear and as invigorating as before. Bundle up well and just let the chill in the atmosphere hit you in the face as you enjoy the still and quiet of the cold outside.
Bonfire cooking
If cups of hot chocolate don’t fill you up, you’re welcome to enjoy a full-on bonfire mealtime with friends and family! First, check in with your local community if it's okay to set bonfires in your area. If not, a grill can work just as well. Sit around the flame and enjoy some freshly cooked food together, alternating between heat and chill.
Skate like a star
No frozen lake nearby? You can always find your local skate rink and enjoy sliding and gliding like a winter spirit over ice. Ice skating can be a great way to truly get into the season. If you’re a beginner, take the plunge and give it a go while bringing your friends and family along so they can assist you when you fall down.
Carnival craving
You don’t need snow to enjoy a fun winter carnival! Look for a local event you and your friends and family can attend and just enjoy a fun time of games, parades, music, and bright lights. Each carnival is different, so you never know what kind of fun might happen!
Sure, it may be the ideal to see white powder fall from the sky and clump together in the ground for the perfect Christmas, but the holiday season doesn’t stop just because the landscape isn't blanketed in a pure white. Go out and enjoy the end of the year, whether it’s snowing or not.