Packing a Pillow Case

The pillowcase may be a great way to keep your pillows clean and colorful, but travel-wise they can be a great item to have with you. Pick a case that’s a good size and made of easy-to-fold material soyou can quickly fold and put it away when not in use.
But what are some of the practical uses for a pillowcase without a pillow inside? For starters, you actually CAN use it as a pillow. All you just need are a few soft clothes. Simply fold your clothes into compact squares and layer them into the case. Once they’re neatly stacked inside to your liking (in thickness and softness), fold the open end of the case and lie on your makeshift pillow to rest easy.
But a DIY pillow isn’t all you can do with this handy cloth item. Why not use it as a mode of storage as well? If the cover is soft enough, keep sensitive items inside to avoid getting them jostled around too much. If you don’t mind the getting it a little dirty, try keeping your makeup brushes or certain toiletries like lotions or shampoo rolled up in the case. You can even use it as a carrying case if you’re out and about hunting for tiny souvenirs. Just make sure the case itself is easily washed and not made of furry or woven material.
It may not be the typical item you add to your travel bag checklist, but a well-sized pillow case has a lot more utility than you might realize. So the next time you plan on traveling, don’t forget to add that pillowcase to your luggage or carry-on just in case.