Think About Seat Configuration

One of the most important aspects about booking a plane ticket is where you will be sitting. For many country-crossing trips, the seat you choose will be your tiny slice of property for several hours. You’ll be spending most of your flight rooted to the spot, so take the time to decide on your desired seating arrangements.
The seats closest to the aisle is perfect for tall or large people as they can utilize the extra space to fit their legs, which would otherwise feel cramped up in a middle or window seat. Having a big person sit in the aisle seat can also make it easier for everybody in the row since it might take larger people longer to stand up for a bathroom break if they sit in the other two seat types.
As for window seats, It’s definitely a section made for people who either like to sleep during air travel or like to record every aspect of their adventures. Having a wall beside you can help make your sleeping position feel extra stable. Especially if you have a regular pillow instead of the popular neck pillow, your body will appreciate the extra stability it poses. As for scrapbookers and social media fiends, the window seat is the perfect place to grab that mid-flight sky picture, especially if you sit in the wing area.
And who would benefit from the middle seats, you ask? Petite people would probably feel most comfortable in that area, given that their size is not a disadvantage or hindrance for them. They can easily slip past people to go to the bathroom and its generally the best of both worlds when it comes to positioning (minus the comfy wall for those who seat by the window).
Change the way you pick your travel seat by keeping these simple rules in mind. Once you and your travel buddies find the seats well suited for you, that’ll be less stress and discomfort for you all even if you spend hours stuck high up in the air.