Travel Treats, Roasted Chestnuts

Who hasn’t thought about grabbing a bag or a cup of these steaming chestnuts. Whether you like to share them or keep it all to yourself, the tasty flavors of this heated snacks are a must-try this late into the year.
Pre-roasted chestnuts grow from trees where they have a spiny outer layer that may protect the fruits while they are still young. Once they start to mature, the fruits begin to split open, signaling the ripeness of the nuts within. The ripeness will cause the shell to change color and make the fruit fall easily to the ground. This is one of the simplest ways to know when the chestnuts are ready for prepping and then eating.
Street stalls selling these hot treats often make appearances during the season, pan roasting chestnuts for passing gourmands and hungry visitors. Before roasting, the skin of the nut is cut into, helping the heat reach the delicious kernel within. Once they're cooked tender, it’s moved into a container (usually a paper bag) for people to easily pick a treat one-by-one.