Travel Treats: Turkey, USA

Roasted to a golden brown perfection with a delicious symphony of stuffing. The turkey has always been center stage for many a celebration, most especially on Thanksgiving where the dinner spread is bountiful and filled to the brim with savory and sweet flavors. But where did this tradition of roasting a sumptuous bird for the season come from? Let’s go back to the very beginning.
Contrary to the popular belief, it was discovered that the pilgrims (the forefathers of modern English settlers) did not, in fact, break bread with their Native American companions over a piping hot turkey. Early accounts do mention the presence of fowl in the meal, but it could easily have been a roast duck or goose.
Believe it or not, Thanksgiving wasn’t even an official holiday back then. There was the occasional celebration, often announced beforehand by the presidential figures of the time, and there would definitely be a turkey at every meal. It wasn’t until later on that people decided to cement its status as a holiday, complete with meals, decorations, and all. There were many reasons why turkey was chosen as the main course: Its big enough to feed a large family, it's easily found in American soil, and it was one of the earliest birds to be hunted down by the early ancestors.
So the next time you, prep a turkey with all the savory stuffing and spices, don’t forget that it has had a long history of bringing families together over a dinner table to count their blessings over the years and spend time with each other after a busy harvest season.