Attraction Overview: Vienna, Austria

Austria's capital is brimming with artistic, intellectual, musical heritage. It is known as the City of Music, being home to famous personalities like Beethoven, Mozart, Johann Strauss, and for hosting globally-acclaimed acoustic performances set in interactive exhibits and theatres.
The imperial architecture of Vienna is a distinct legacy that continues to draw tourists from across the world. Its architectural grandeur, which is greatly rooted from the Habsburg monarchy, are displayed through palaces like the Belvedere and the Schloss Schonbrunn, 1441-summer residence of the Habsburg.
Striking palaces and former stables were turned into museums and house prehistoric finds, priceless artworks, and impressive coin collections as well. Captivating contemporary Austrian art and remarkable furnishings are also among the interesting highlights of these iconic establishments.
Vienna transforms into a magical wonderland during the winter and has one of the world's most beautiful Christmas markets. As the chilling breeze and white snow fill the air, colorful lights and a nostalgic vibe can be experienced through the vibrant traditional Christmas markets which dates back to the Middle Ages. Houses are beautifully decked with lights and various decorations dot the streets. Parks and other public places radiate a festive glow through nativity displays, along with several dining, entertainment, and shopping stalls. It’s definitely one of the most picture-perfect Christmas scenes you’ll find across the world.