Four Keeps in 2019

It's that time of the year again when we talk about the things that need to let go, those to keep, and those to change. Here's what we believe are the ones that are worth keeping as we continue to open a brand new chapter this 2019:
A burning passion
Whether it's for success, change, or be passionate about something like hobbies, business, or interest, let it burn brightly and luminously. A little spark of hope is enough to keep something alive. Being passionate about something can make a huge difference be it big or small. Imagine, over time, when each individual's drive, persistence, perseverance for something good are fueled, it will create collaborative results that can achieve change.
Your love for nature
If there is one thing that's true, it is the fact that humans, above all other living beings on the face of the earth, are the caretakers of nature. All that we do, think and say affect the things around us. It is our responsibility to nurture and protect life especially Mother Earth. As we continue to discover and explore life around us, we should always be reminded that we are responsible for what we are bestowed with. Let us continue to educate, support, and protect our environment through our journeys across various places of the world. What better way to spread awareness than setting foot in places and sharing what's good and what's right, right?
Your goals
Apart from our personality, what sets us apart from everybody else is our perspective and our goals. Dreams and goals are what make us who we are. Start with small goals and achieve them. Eventually, these small successful goals will help you focus on bigger ones. Every achievement, every dream turned reality will keep you motivated and driven to reach your full potential. Goals can be as little as making your bed every morning, eating fruits every day, running 15 minutes every morning, finish reading four books a month, spending time at the animal shelter every weekend, volunteering at community fundraising events or as big as purchasing a home, a car, or saving for your retirement. When you stick to achieving your goals, you are programmed to move forward and focus on completing it thus, contributing to your growth as an individual.
Learning and discovering
Apart from change, another thing we can also consider that’s constant in life is learning. The world we live in has so much in store for us that a lifetime is never enough to learn about the things around us. Discovering and learning is a process of life, it is the best investment of each individual. Train, study, impart, go out and explore the world. When you try something new, your wisdom grows. Order a meal you have never tried, enroll in a foreign language class, play an instrument. Stepping out of our comfort zone creates growth, transforming us into new individuals.