Global News: 2018 Top Destination Among Filipinos, DNA Tourism, and more!

The Philippines, 2018 Top Destination Among Filipinos
Seems like “love your own” has been quite the motto this 2018, especially for Filipinos. According to a survey/study by Agoda, an online hotel booking service, Filipinos have frequently traveled in and around their motherland. With 7,641 islands to set foot on, there’s no better time than now to explore and point the limelight on amazing local travel.
Taiwan A Favorite Holiday Season Destination
True to its former name, Formosa, Taiwan continues to win the hearts of people around the world. During this holiday season, the beautiful island is recognized as a top destination, particularly among the Japanese. Though small, it is brimming with natural life through the many spectacular sites and is deeply rooted in a rich history. No wonder, it is a rising favorite!
The Return of the Historic Balangiga Bells
As the name implies, national treasures are often valuable riches that contribute to the economic or cultural growth of a country. In recent times, the US has strengthened the bond with their Philippine brethren by returning a valuable treasure, the Blangiga Bells. The bells were taken as war trophies in the Philippine-American War, making this gesture a very historic goodwill moment.
DNA Tourism
People are discovering their roots and following the trail to their ancestral homes, which could mean traveling outside your country. And how do you trace your roots? Of course with a family tree that’s designed by your DNA. Once the results are in, a professional genealogist will help research and design your trip. Usually, this is a group trip with about more than 20 participants who are also on the road to self-discovery. This can be a life-changing experience and some people might find previously unknown relatives while touring and sharing new experiences together.
Reach the top this Christmas holiday
Would you spend your holidays taking your adventures to new heights… literally? In the Philippines, the weather is becoming cooler and drier, making it ideal for enjoying the typically tropical outdoors. There are multiple mountains across the archipelago that are just waiting for you to climb. Just imagine how memorable and amazing it would be to reach up one of those peeks and feel the wind against your skin, saying a final goodbye to the breath of 2018 and making room for the breeze of 2019.