Global News: 2019 Getaway Destinations, Travel Gift Ideas, and more!

Bucket List: 2019 Vacations
A list of destinations is the lifeblood of any happy and curious traveler. Any adventurer worth his salt will tell you that a number of travel goals are what drives them to go out and explore the world. With a new year ahead of us, it’s time to rewrite and re-ignite your wanderlust by updating your travel list with new goals to explore and conquer based on the top choices by Aussie culture vultures!
Iceland Tops as 2018 Destination of the Year
What was 2018’s most-loved travel destination? The Nordic beauty of Iceland was one of this year’s top choices for places to visit. Would you believe the number of tourists actually offset the number of citizens who live there? As if the natural beauty of the country wasn’t a great reason enough, there are all kinds of amazing luxury hotels and easier ways to travel to the country itself. Even if it’s crowned 2018’s Destination of the Year, it will always have its magical beauty all year round!
Travel Gift Ideas
Gifts that your family or friends can use for both their every day and travels will surely have their hearts jumping for joy. Go as big as promo fares, tours, discounted accommodation deals, or as subtle as a neck pillow, reusable water bottles, and convertible bags. It’s all about sense over style. Getting a present with a lotta functionality is one of the most ideal to both give and get.
Stay on Top This New Year
You could be having a joyous feast with your family and friends at home or on a holiday getaway at some popular global destination. But one of the best experiences in welcoming the New Year is getting the best views of the metro at night especially as the clock strikes 12 at the top of the metro’s skyscrapers. Check out where you can climb to the top on NYE so you can treat yourself to a spectacular sight of sparkles and sceneries.
Advent Across the World
Advent is finally here! With so many countries preparing for Christmas Day, we’ve got places to show you on how the Advent season is celebrated around the world. While you may have gotten used to your home country’s traditional way of welcoming Christmas, why not explore and experience new ones at these places.