Global News: Budget Destinations for 2019, Vegan Destinations, and more!

2019 Budget Destinations
Despite all the budgeting and saving you plan for the holidays, you can still be left drained, physically and financially after all the parties, gift-giving, and travels back home. But don’t let that stop you from starting the year with adventures that are easy on the pocket. Revamp your must-visit this 2019 with places that are sure to give you more for the books (aka experiences and memories) and take less of your money.
Ho Chi Minh, A Vegan Destination
Travelers and foodies, time to shake up your bucket list this 2019! Add Vietnam’s very own Ho Chi Minh city to your list because apart from offering rich historical backgrounds, this destination has been recognized as one of the vegan-friendly cities out there. There’s no better way to enjoy a trip than getting a taste of your destination, your way.
Flying on Green Wings
You’ve stayed at green hotels, carry along eco-friendly must-haves, have gone paperless on most of your travel documents, and support all things sustainable tourism possible. What’s next? Reach the skies through eco-friendly airlines! While it may be a challenge to be completely eco-friendly in operating flights, airlines are slowly transitioning in ways they can possibly deliver eco-friendly services. It feels good to share your passion for travel the good and right way, so check out these airlines that you can fly with guilt-free.
Traveling in 2018
The world of travel has shown a lot of modernization this 2018 - from hotels stays that adopt a more homey-vibe, airlines delivering longer flights, and constant transformation of airline fleet to layovers made entertaining and convenient. Let’s take a look back on how the travel and tourism industry continues to deliver better experiences for us who won’t stop going beyond the limits.
NYE Countdown in Europe
The New Year is just around the corner and you’re itching to welcome 2019 with a blast while in Europe. So with all the people crowding world-renowned attractions across this remarkable continent, where’s the best city to experience this holiday? This can be the perfect time to head over to your favorite metro and celebrate lights, life, and laughter of 2018.