Global news: Vegan Travels, Top Business Travel Destinations, and more!

Calling all vegans around the world! Food is a significant part of every adventure and there is no better way to enjoy a holiday than getting a taste of your chosen destination without your diet hindering your travels. Check out these places that guarantee to give you exciting adventures, fondest memories and lip smacking goodness, the vegan way!
2019 Travel Trends
Apart from the constant technological advancement, discovery of new destinations, and airline development, what should you look forward in the travel industry this 2019? With the consumer behavior and the continuous efforts in finding ways to deliver better travel experience, it’s safe there’s a lot to expect from the kind of vacations to travel services and transportation.
Top Destinations for Business Travels
New York remains as the leading destination in the business travel industry, followed by London, according to business travel planning platform, Egencia. Find out which bustling countries and cities join the rank of the top 20 and rising destinations that show significant growth in the business expansion.
Budget-friendly Seoul-iday
Explore one of the most-visited cities in Asia, Seoul, without having to burn holes through your pockets. While South Korea’s capital is among the top-rated destinations that exudes a vibrant atmosphere, here are tips on how you can tour around minus big crowds and the fast-paced lifestyle of the metro. Experiencing the different side of this big city sounds like a great plan for a well-deserved getaway right?
Cruisin' the World's Waters
You could be flying to a new destination on the other side of the globe, or hitting the road to a new place this holiday. After you’ve covered the two major ways of journeying - air and land, how about trying something for 2019. Glide across some of the vast waters of the world through a relaxing cruise. Find out which waters to test that’s worthy of a spot on your revamped bucket list for next year.