Travel Treats: Candy Cane

The candy cane is probably one of the few foods that are quite still iconic to the holiday season. That bright red, the pure white, the delicious sugary flavors, it's a great treat to give to the kiddies while also looking fabulous on any dark green Christmas tree.
One of the more believable origin stories for these hook-shaped treats came from a choirmaster from Cologne, Germany. Sugar sticks were quite a popular snack at the time and said choirmaster thought of using delicious candy to keep fidgety choir boys in their place. This was especially observed during Nativity plays or Christmas Eve masses where times were busy and people (especially energetic children) had to be in their best behavior.
The “J”-shape comes from the symbol of a shepherd crook or cane, a common symbol to many Christmastime scenes or Bible stories, like when shepherds came to the manger where Jesus was born. It was around the 1900s when the festive red-stripe was added, giving the candy even more reason to be hung out for display. This was also the time when peppermint flavoring was added to give the sweetness a little more zing.
No matter how you use your candy canes, whether you string them on your holiday wreath or you sneak a handful of them from the candy jar under the cover of night, they will always remain a very big part to the visual charm of anybody’s Christmas.