Travel Treats: Fruit cake

This heavy cake filled with all manner of fruits and nuts and is a well known food item for the holidays. But what is the story behind the fructose-filled bread? Let’s look into it.
Fruitcakes were said to have first been made in ancient Egypt, but they were recorded in Roman times. All the way to the Middle Ages, it was said that the crusaders and hunters would carry these with them, on long journeys. As these cakes didn’t spoil easily, they were great to have around for sustenance on long journeys.
Usually, the fruits and nuts will be preserved and dried before the baking even begins. Dried cherries, dried mangoes, dried currants, dried cranberries, citrus, and rum. This is all mixed up into a very thick, heavy, and slightly alcoholic cake. They were usually handmade until the 1960’s when they became commercially popular. Since then, big bakeries and companies began to make them in bulk to supply the demand.
Whether you like them or not, Fruitcakes have become synonymous to the charm of the Christmas time. The jewel-like fruits and nuts, glazed with syrup look almost charming on top of the golden brown loaf.