Travel Treats: Hot Chocolate, Mexico

On a cold day, one can’t help but want to stir and sip on this sweet drink. Hot chocolate is one of the top go-to drinks for the winter season, but where did this deliciously magical drink come from? Let’s dive in and discover!
It all started when the Mayans created a special drink 500 B.C. years ago. It was a mix of cocoa powder, water, chili peppers, and cornmeal. This was the first instance of a drink using cacao beans, the main ingredient for chocolate. Their method of mixing these drinks would be to pour them between a cup and a pot back and forth until it bubbles up into a froth. Surprisingly, they would drink this cold and people of all social classes could drink this (the vessels they would drink it from would differ).
Later on, the delicious potential of the cocoa bean would reach European shores around the 1500s. An explorer by the name of Cortez brought back with him a supply of the beans along with a few drink-making items. Despite its bitter and spicy flavor, it became quite popular with the royal courts of Spain. It wasn’t long before the recipe was mixed up a little, sweetening the drink while also keeping it warm. This surged its popularity even further, prompting Spain to keep it a secret from the world for many years.
Like many exotic drinks in the past, it was treated as a remedy for liver and stomach bugs. It wasn’t long before it was treated as the tasty beverage it has always been known for. From ground beans to specially treated powder, it has become easier and easier to mix this special drink with milk and hot water, producing hot cocoa almost instantaneously. Perfect for when you just want to sit in front of a fire or curl in a blanket with a mug filled with warmth.