Year in Review: 2018 Travel Trends

Just like the past years, 2018 made sure it wouldn’t get left behind when it comes to more revolutions, discoveries, and developments. The travel and tourism industry has also shown diversity in trends and advancement. Here’s what topped in the world of travel this year:

Health and Wellness Travels
Holidays that let you enjoy both travels and fitness or some call “fitcations” has recently become a rising trend among travelers and/or health buffs. Fitness boot camps, spa and yoga retreats, international marathons/triathlons, let you go on adventures while also pursuing your fitness goals. Why enjoy one when you can have both, right?

Solo Travels
This is for the fearless and seeks adventures and discoveries on his/her own. While in the past, traveling solo, especially for women, was once looked down upon, nowadays it has created a positive impact among individual’s self-awareness and fulfillment. Being able to travel alone bring out a sense of independence and accomplishment and breaks stereotypes. If it contributes not only to one’s well-being but also to other cultures, then, by all means, conquer the world and create change at one destination at a time.

Group Travels
At times, solo trips would make one think “this activity would’ve been fun with the rest of the family,” and these are the times when group travels are best to take. Just like traveling solo, group tours have its pros and cons but can be equally rewarding and cost-effective as well. The highlight and best thing about having to go out and explore a new place is the shared experience because there are indeed some things in life that are priceless aside from celebrating achievements on your own.

Single-Parent Travels
Travelers are mostly categorized by solo, pair, or group (family, friends, corporate), but rarely single-parent. Today’s generation has recognized a significant number of this type of traveler and is addressing the preferential needs and wants. Travel companies are slowly creating packages that would eventually make journeys for single-parent travels more convenient and well-known.

Train Travels
Exploring the world’s wonders by rail not only saves travelers a lot of time but shifts both their journeying preferences a little while giving said travels a new perspective. Train travels offer fast-paced touring as well as a way to appreciating views that can only be seen on the rails at the same time.

Green Travels
The continuous modern development has provided us such convenience that many of us tend to lose touch with mother nature and everything it has offered. The lack of proper education and awareness when it comes to responsible travels have resulted in nature’s suffering. The travel and tourism industry are constantly promoting responsible tourism/sustainable tourism/green travels in different avenues - from airlines and accommodation to tours. We are travelers, but more than anything else, we are caretakers of mother nature.

People are constantly looking for new ways to travel, apart from long-haul flights, rail journeys, and going on road trips, cruise travels are on the rise. People are past the idea that journeys by sea are all holidays and parties, cruise travels have grown into an experience of immersion on food and culture especially during stops at various ports throughout the journey. Who are we to pass up the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds, right?

Digital Tech Travel
There’s no stopping technology from continuously delivering change from the simplest to the most complicated in our everyday lives. Airports, hotels, various modes of transportation, and delivery of tours, all these are adapting to modern methods and ways. Some ways that technology is improving the overall experience of travelers are through the Internet of things (IoT), mobile integration, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

Food Adventures
Apart from sights, one of the things that draw people to travel is food. Travel companies have been introducing local food tours offering an in-depth experience of the destination’s culture. The culinary tourism has emerged as a significant aspect of the travel industry encompassing the country’s history, values and tradition, and daily life.

Film Tourism
Movies that depict traveler’s experience through filming locations have become a powerful promotional platform for tourism. People are wanting to see these places for themselves, experience the things they have seen in the movie (could be some activities of some sort). Apart from the breathtaking views on the big screen, plots that evoke stories of journeys, meeting people, making a change, and achieving goals (independence and freedom) trigger people’s desires to take on their own versions of these movies they admire.
That seems to be a year packed full of exciting developments and experiences. What’s in store for us in the world of travel this coming new year? Whatever changes and new discoveries come our way, we’re definitely in for more surprise adventures and longer bucket lists!