Destination Feature: Isla de Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo

From Manila, hop on a plane that will fly you to Roxas City Airport in Western Visayas’ Panay Island. Enjoy a scenic drive to the northernmost municipality of the Iloilo province - Carles. It is more than just a fishing coastal town. This rising destination is known for having amazing islands that are worth visiting!
From the Bancal Port, the town’s jump off point, traverse the waters to Isla de Gigantes, a group of islands off the coast of Carles.
Climb to the top of the island for a perfect view of the island and the water that surrounds it at the Cabugao Gamay Island.
Take in the serenity and the spectacular views of towering rock formations where beyond these you can find a spectacular pool of water - the Tangke Saltwater Lagoon.
Next, dock at the nearby Antonia Beach, your slice of Paradise in Carles! Take a plunge into the cool, calm, and stunning waters and start exploring. More importantly, get a taste of the real island life through the fresh catch of the day - scallops, and prepare yourself for the most indulging island feast!
Then there’s Bantigue Sandbar. During low tide, a fascinating stretch of sand appears in the middle of the sea and the surrounding islands, letting you stroll around and take in the natural beauty around you.
There’s no better real-life counterpart for this emoji than the Pulupandan Islet, a very small island with a lone coconut tree. While it conveys a “Lost” vibe, with the islet sitting in the middle of the sea, fishermen dock here for a break after working under the sun.
Heading back to the port doesn’t mean the fun is over. Why not continue the island pleasures at the Solina Beach and Nature Resort where you can indulge in more sun, sand, sea, and seafood the Carles way!

Until next time, enjoy your travels!