Do's and Dont's: Going Around UK

Here's how you can enjoy a hassle-free while sparing yourself from minor travel embarrassment when in UK:
  1. While in London, stand on the right side of the elevator
  2. Pack a waterproof bag and umbrella as it always rains there
  3. Avoid randomly striking a conversation with strangers in public
  4. Stay in line and avoid jumping a queue.
  5. Sorry is a word commonly used there but doesn't always mean to apologize
  6. Consider public transport if you haven't tried driving on the left since traffic rules can be quite tricky
  7. Use Britain (as the name of the place) and British instead of English (when pertaining to locals) when unsure
  8. Sip a cup of tea, everybody loves it!
  9. While restaurants and hotels usually add 12.5% service charge on the bill, do give 10-15% tip as well as in taxi fares. You can opt to leave a tip to the room cleaning staff of whatever amount you prefer. It's not mandatory to give tips in pubs, however, it's still up to you.
  10. Visit as many free attractions as you can!