Global News: Daycation Trips, Smarter Ways to Travel, and more!

Daycations on the Rise
Imagine being able to use the amenities of a top-class hotel without having to spend a single night. Sounds too good to be true? With the increase in ’daycation’ popularity, it may very well be a real thing already. Give the day tour trend a go and discover new ways to enjoy your vacations.
10 Ways to Travel Easier and Smarter
Traveling isn’t just about exploring new and exciting places at a whim but being smart about your choices and plans. Staying one step ahead should be considered a travelers creed, as being prepared before the adventure even begins is a great way to make travels smoother and less of a headache. Be a smart traveler and plan your expeditions wisely!
Money-saving Credit Card Points Tips
Getting the right credit card is the key to helping your budget (and save) for your travels. Certain cards are designed to align your interest and purchasing experience from referral programs, and bonuses, to loyalty and reward programs. Find ways on how you can up to travel expenses while also reaching far and wide on your journeys through the power of swiping a card.
10 Travel Eats You Just Can’t Miss
With a world as diverse as our own, there are a variety of people, places, and things that can set countries apart from one another. One of the major things that can be observed are the flavors and visuals that different dishes can represent on the table. From savory meals that really give a kick to mild dishes that are both filling and healthy, there are so many different foods you can truly indulge in while exploring the globe.