Global News: Ho Chi Minh City As Cultural Destination, PH Nature Destinations; and more!

Ho Chi Minh, 2019 Rising Cultural Destination
Calling all history buffs and those in search of places rich in culture, Vietnam’s very own Ho Chi Minh is making its name known as a cultural destination. Update your travel list for 2019 as this city is bound to take your Vietnamese experience up a notch.
Bucket List: 2019 PH Nature Getaways
Make 2019 a year of adventures to new places in your homeland. In the Philippines, for example, maybe shake up your bucket list and add a few ‘road less-traveled’ destinations. Exploring places that aren’t quite yet on the travel and tourism radar offers better experiences - without the big crowds and commercialization.
Ride the Rails Around the World
Not everyone enjoys sitting in cramped seats as the plane soar for hours, some prefer hitting the road or, for a quicker and more convenient mode of transportation (more sightseeing, less driving), the rails. Rediscover places you’ve been to before with a different approach and up your adventures through journeys that make going to these places more fun and interesting.
Road Trip tips When in Italy
Nothing screams classic scenic car trip than hitting the roads of Italy! See a bit of everything - nature and city, pack smart (less means light), explore more than you can, and make the most of this exciting journey with tips that are sure to give you an unforgettable time behind the wheel.
How Ladies Travel Wisely
Goin’ on solo trips has become a travel trend, especially for women (a practice once frowned upon by society). In the previous generations, women traveling alone posed more threat and discrimination. Today’s era has welcomed and even encouraged women to conquer the world independently! Here are some tips that will make the experience worthwhile.