Global News: New Year Travel Trends, Budget Destinations, and more!

2019 Travel Trends
The new year means we welcome new and exciting places, things, discoveries, and things. Here are some to watch out for in the travel and tourism industry that you can also maybe try. The thing about travel, you can visit one place over and over again without running out of things to do. Get your bags ready for what 2019 has in store for you!
In Search of Fine Wine
Calling all wine lovers! Revamp your 2019 must-visit list with these new wine regions that are sure to take your wine tours up a notch! Not only will you get a taste of some of the world’s finest beverages but also learn about its process in spectacular setting while also indulging in the comfiest of accommodations and fantastic food.
Pet Peeves and Problems When Traveling
You love to travel but that doesn’t mean you don’t get annoyed when faced with constant pet peeves and same ol’ problems. From additional charges and fares to policies in airport, hotel, airlines, various entertainment places of your destination and even travelers who also try to get their way despite, you encounter things that will simply leave you speechless, scratching your heads or worse get you in big trouble.
Why Include Japan on your Bucket List
There's more to Japan than the bustling Tokyo city, famed cherry blossom, bullet trains, Mt. Fuji, and bamboo forest. While some of the reasons for visiting this country include its beautiful sceneries, prominent landmarks, and sumptuous cuisine, Japan still has a lot to offer through the amazing fusion of its modern and traditional culture.
Budget-friendly Places to Visit this 2019
You could be flying to a new destination on the other side of the globe, or hitting the road to a new place this holiday. After you’ve covered the two major ways of journeying - air and land, how about trying something for 2019. Glide across some of the vast waters of the world through a relaxing cruise. Find out which waters to test that’s worthy of a spot on your revamped bucket list for next year.