Global News: Places to See in 2019; Money-saving Tips for Travel, and more!

Stimulating 2019 Travel Destinations
The beginning of a new year often signals a need or a want for change. For Travelers, it means updating your travel list and planning for future adventures across the globe. But what destinations should be on our radar for this fresh slate? Read around and discover old or new places that are worth looking into for your upcoming journeys.
Vietnam: 2018 New Favorite Destination
With recent tourist visiting trends data reaching an all-new high, Vietnam seems to be favored as a fantastic Asian travel destination late into the holiday season of 2018. Carrying over to 2019, it’s expected that Vietnam will be one of the popular destinations of this new year yet again. If you’ve had plans to travel to this amazing land, look out for a surge of bookings.
Money-saving Tips for Travel
Let’s talk about picking budget-friendly destinations, which are mostly the new, less-crowded places; looking out for airfare promos; stay at budget accommodation that lets you move around like you’re just at home over hotels; avoiding travel scams; and more. These are some of the best ways to save on money for your trips. How about pocket money? Though you may have set a budget to spend during your trip, it doesn’t mean you have to really spend it all nor be overly thrifty on yourself. Wouldn’t it be satisfying knowing you were able to save a few bucks while traveling?
Travel Changes to Expect in 2019
Through the years, the travel and tourism industry has evolved exceptionally. Now, most trips offer convenient ways of traveling from one place to another and in exploring various destinations. However, with the constant development in travel, it can also result to a negative impact on various aspects, primarily in nature. This 2019, expect more changes that will not only help better traveling but also the environment and more!
The importance of Bucket Lists
Having a bucket list keeps you on track with your travel goals. Knowing the things you want to do, places you want to see, food you want to taste, people you want to see, and challenges you wish to take help you create a more defined goal of your adventures. Listing your goals and achievements reflects your personality as well as your desires and your ability to achieve these. Not only will your list help you focus but also create a sense of independence and fulfillment with every item ticked off of the list.