Global News: Travel, A Top Priority, Dining Places to Try Across the US, and more!

Travel is Top Priority
Study research conducted showed that Americans aged 30-40 years old share something in common - travel as their top priority. Booking solo travels, going on adventures before having children, investing in experience over settling down, and spending retirement funds earlier are among the goals preferred over the traditional ones such as marriage, children, career, etc.
Two in One Destination
Put your passion for travel and photography together this 2019 as you head over to places that are worthy of every snap! Travelers aren’t just going to places for the sake of adventure but to achieve their own version of that Instagrammable place they once scrolled past on a social media feed.
Explore Hong Kong the Nat Geo-Way
Maybe you’ve experienced Hong Kong, been to various attractions, and explored places recommended on the internet by fellow travelers. This small destination is packed full of underrated wonders that are bound to make your journey even more surprising. There’s more to Hong Kong than the bright lights and skyscrapers, there’s also off-beaten “hiking” paths and an astonishing marine life! Sounds exciting for a one of a kind rediscovery of Hong Kong, right?
Dreamy Greece Destination
Greece, with its world-renowned architecture, crystal clear beaches, dreamy sceneries, is no doubt one of the favorite global destinations. Apart from the postcard-perfect islands, this country is known for picturesque villages and resorts. Mykonos, known for its party vibe, offers a serene feel that can transport you into the land of tranquility just as the sun sets. This fascinating place is where not only beach lovers and party-goers but also Instagrammers would surely love to go to!
2019 Travel and Treats Across the US
Are you a foodie, have a passion for cooking, or simply down for some good eats? Here’s a list of places to try across the US where you can enjoy a bite or two during travels or when visiting friends. Not only do these dining places offer tasty treats but also feature awe-inspiring interiors that will surely put you in the right feasting mood.