Tasty Travels: Meat Pie, Australia

When you think of pies, you think of delicious flavors like chery, blueberry, or the iconic American apple pie flavors. But what about a piping hot filling of savory meat to go with that crispy pie crust? That’s exactly what the aptly named meat pies are all about.
Meat pies are a popular baked dish within regions like New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and, of course, Australia. As the name implies, it’s your typical pie but with a filling thats a lot meatier than your usual chopped fruit. The sensation of sinking your teeth into the plain yet flaky outer crust and letting the flavors of the piping hot filling fill your tastebuds with delight.
Historically, the pie was first said to have been invented by the early settlers who had materials readily available during their big move. Back in the middle ages, when refrigeration was not available, salting and smoking were some of the few methods of keeping food from going bad. But people who were working for ship galleys discovered that packing the meat and veggies in a thick dough before being baking it was a great way to keep the foods inside fresh. If hotdogs are a big part of any ball game in america, the same can be said about Aussies and their meat pies.
The typical meat pie is made of beef mice, tomato sauce, salt and pepper, plain flour, shortcrust pastry, puff pastry, worcestershire sauce, finely chopped onions, beef stock cubes, an egg for glazing, and water. Depending on the recipe, a few other items can be added in, like some tasty potatoes to give the meat inside a delicious contrast.