Tips for the Taiwan Night Market

There’s something about markets that just spell out a fun time. From hidden treasures to interesting street food, you may find unexpected delights at every corner. But for the Taiwanese Night Market, there are certain ways you can improve your experience and make it more worth your while. To find out these great tips and tricks, read our list before you go on your next trip to this exciting Asian destination:
Fashionably late
While it is a general rule that the early bird catches the worm during travels, it's a different story altogether for the Night Markets. Some stores only open late into the night, so waiting a bit before making your way to do some evening shopping is definitely a good idea. It might mean more crowds to deal with, but at least you’ll at least have a wide array of shops to explore.
Walk in their shoes
In the night market’s people follow a particular flow of walking to get to all of the stalls and shops laid in an orderly fashion. It’s best to follow the flow of traffic rather than aimlessly wandering around if you want to explore the businesses littered all around. Try to survey the area and get a feel for which direction the flow of the walking crowd is going before you dive in yourself.
The line for quality
Usually, it can be hard to seperate the good eats from the truly exceptional ones when it comes to market exploring. But one surefire way to know if a food stall is selling grade-A grub is by seeing how long the lines are. Taiwanese people will line up for hours to get delicious food items, and if you want some quality snacking yourself you’ll get in line too.
In the neighborhood
Major market areas may seem enticing, but the smaller neighborhood markets are just as fun and as exciting as the big ones. Sometimes, you’ll find hidden gems and treasures hidden away that you can’t find anywhere else. So if you’re looking for a fun night market experience, don’t overlook the little venues.
At the last minute
Much like how you shouldn’t come early to the Taiwanese markets for all the good stores to open, one should also try staying as late as you can. Much like bakeries, you’ll find fantastic bargains in a some clothing and other item stalls. But this isn’t always a guarantee that you can find a great deal EVERY night. The chances are still within the whims of the store owners themselves and how well their wares have been selling for night.
And that’s just some of the few rules you need to know when exploring this nocturnal gathering of wares. But to truly learn the ways of this evening shopping expedition you’ll definitely need to see and experience it for yourself.