Travel Overview: Italy

When one mentions Italy, the image that comes to mind are Michelangelo's David statue, dining in a trattoria, and the Roman Colosseum. But there’s more to this country than just the iconic sights you can find on a postcard or tourism website.
This European country has some of the most varied types of landscapes around the region. From the snow-capped mountains in the Alps to the volcanoes like Vesuvius, there are many different things to see and explore. There are also a variety of animal species in Europe exclusive to the wilderness of the Apennine Range. These are wild boar, asps, wolves, and even bears. There is so much variety that visitors may even be able to note the subtle differences in dialect and cuisines between two nearby towns.
The history of the place is also just so fascinating. From its early incarnations in the age of Etruscans to the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, rich history of culinary tradition, vibrant artistry, technological advancements, and cultural shifts exist within the country. The structures themselves are varied and even the ruins still retain their sense of cultural style.
There’s so much a beautiful country like Italy can offer, but it’s definitely something you need to experience with your own eyes, taste buds, nose, and skin. Vienna transforms into a magical wonderland during the winter and has one of the world's most beautiful Christmas markets. As the chilling breeze and white snow fill the air, colorful lights and a nostalgic vibe can be experienced through the vibrant traditional Christmas markets which date back to the Middle Ages. Houses are beautifully decked with lights and various decorations dot the streets. Parks and other public places radiate a festive glow through nativity displays, along with several dining, entertainment, and shopping stalls. It’s definitely one of the most picture-perfect Christmas scenes you’ll find across the world.