Travel Treats: Embutido, Spain

Embutido means cured sausage in Spanish. For over three centuries of being under Spanish colonial regime and afterward, by the Americans, this adaption of the Spanish sausage has evolved into a fusion of two cultures but with a distinct Filipino taste.

While this Filipino-style meatloaf is a well-known holiday dish, it is also enjoyed every day. The steamed log-shaped loaf is stuffed with ground meat, usually pork or mixture of two preferred portions of meat, with seasonings, raisins, finely minced bell pepper, carrots, pickle relish, onions, and quarter sliced hard-boiled eggs and chorizos, or half-sliced sausages placed in the middle then rolled.
After the roll is wrapped in aluminum, it can be cooked in a steamer or an oven. Usually, it is cooked in about 40 minutes to an hour or until the roll is firm. Once cooked, it is removed in the steamer or oven and left to cool down before it is stored in the fridge.
The embutido can be served hot or cold and best enjoyed with either bechamel, catsup, or a favorite condiment. Apart from baked goodies, the embutido is also one of the homemade food gifts shared during the holiday season as well as any feast.