9 Tips When Visiting Mexico For the First Time

Mexico, despite being in the headlines for a couple of unpleasant reasons (illegal activities, violence, natural calamity, etc.), continues to draw tourists from across the world.
We’ve put together a couple of reminders before your trip to Mexico to keep you safe and make sure you have a blast while you discover the many world-class wonders it holds.
  1. Get yourself travel insurance. This may seem like an additional cost for your travel, but it helps by giving you a worry-free mind during your trip. Knowing you're secure should unexpected things happen can be a big load off your shoulders.
  2. Be informed of the current situation before your trip. While there may be travel advisories or negative news stories against Mexico, these are oftentimes exaggerated and things can change from time to time. Situations often vary from one place to another.
  3. Locals love it when tourists try to communicate in their language. To avoid awkward situations and make navigating around easier, the key is to have knowledge of basic Spanish language or have a dependable guide with you.
  4. Choose the local food you eat wisely and best to buy yourself bottled water. Just like in every country, there are some places you should avoid getting food from. Go to a place with a long line is because a stall or food place with a lot of guests does not only mean it's popular but also reputable.
  5. Take the public transport, like the bus network in the daytime or opt for a Uber-style ride service with well-rated drivers (especially at night). You can also order a cab from your hotel. However, if you hail or order a cab, always have the driver run the taxi meter. It's safer to go with a group as well.
  6. Walking around is a good idea, however, when exploring the city at night, have someone go along with you. Though the central city said to be is safe and clean, having awareness of the neighborhoods you visit is the best tip to keep in mind before going around. It’s preferable to go for central streets and well-lit areas because it's always better to be safe than sorry.
  7. Have your valuables well-kept: only bring a set amount of cash you'll need for a day's tour; the fewer accessories/jewelry worn, the better (same applies to your gadgets); wallets are to be kept inside your bag rather than your pockets; make copies of your travel documents which you can carry with you when going on tours to avoid losing the original items.
  8. While you might want to dress up for a holiday, keep in mind that it is also important to blend in and avoid drawing a lot of attention to yourself. Pack clothes fit for the season and don't forget to carry a scarf or jacket with you, as these can always protect you from the fickle weather.
  9. Lastly, enjoy your trip! It’s fun to meet people and learn about the culture, but it doesn't hurt to be cautious as well. While crime rates are usually low in tourist areas, the reality is that the unexpected can sometimes happen. You can always have fun without completely letting your guard down.