Country of the Week: Russia

Russia has more than we give it credit for. This country, spanning across 11 different time zones from Europe to East Asia, has more to offer than its majestic wintry views, charming countryside, palaces, and churches all boasting a rich, distinct culture.
While we all know that the periodic table of elements, vodka, and RAR (file format) are some of the things that Russia gave the world, here is some basic info that can come in handy.
Other title(s): Rossija, Rossiya, Rossiyskaya Federatsiya, Russian Federation, Russian S.F.S.R., Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
Capital: Moscow
Current Political Leader: Vladimir Putin
Most Populous City: Moscow
Language(s): Russian (official), Chuvash, Tuvin
Currency: Russian Ruble
National symbol:: Russian bear (animal), birch tree (tree) double-headed eagle (bird), two-headed eagle, with crowns, holding an orb and scepter against a red shield (coat of arms)
Major Religion(s): mostly Orthodox Christianity
Famous landmarks: State Heritage Museum, Grand Palace, St. Basil Cathedral, Catherine Palace, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow Kremlin, Lake Baikal
Movies filmed in Russia: Anastasia, Swan Princess, Anna Karenina, The Bourne Supremacy, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Resident Evil: Retribution, A Good Day To Die Hard
Famous people: Vladimir Putin, Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, Irina Shayk, Regina Spektor, Ayn Rand, Zedd, Anton Chekhov, Dimitri Mendeleev
Climate: With its vast size, Russia’s climate varies in places but generally described as continental and experience two seasons - winters, characterized by freezing cold temperatures and snowstorms; and warm to hot summers.
Popular Festivals: Orthodox Christmas, Maslenitsa Festival, Reindeer Herder's Festival, Russian Orthodox Easter Week, Moscow Golden Mask Festival, Victory Day, St. Petersburg White Nights Festival