February Must-try's

From Lunar New Year and festivals to wintry activities and summer fun under the sun, find things to do around the world this February!
Where To Go
  • Colorado. Extend your winter adventures to many of its world-renown ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains. Join in the fun at the four-day Vail Legacy Days celebrating the culture and history of Vali, Colorado.
  • The Maldives. Imagine tropical paradise, with golden shores, cool ocean breeze, blue waters but with the warmth of the 30C+ February sun blowing kisses against your skin.
  • Mexico. Apart from the food and culture experience, this country is a perfect destination as it offers seasonal activities during this month: monarch butterfly migration, and whale watching.
  • Beijing, China. Lunar New Year means bright lanterns, varieties of performers filling up the streets, and deliciously good treats will welcome you this month. Top your trip with a weather that’s perfectly ideal - less humid, least rainy, and with just the perfect warmth of the sun.
  • New Zealand. The last month of summer, at 19-24C, makes it an exciting time to relive autumn on the opposite side of the planet.

  • New Zealand

  • Oman. This month marks the end of the winter season, a perfect time to experience the culture and explore the outdoors - the souqs, fishing harbors, local markets, forts, and mosques.
  • Brazil. Most alive and vibrant in February with all the colorful whirlwind of floats, costumes, sequins, and music and dancing amidst the pleasant climate.
  • Russia. Think fancy dining places and art galleries amidst the backdrop of the wintry romance of snow-clad streets, palaces, iced canals.
What To Do
Daytona 500
  • Annual Winter Festival in Quebec City, Canada
  • Partake in learning all about the Black or African-American History Month 2019 in the US
  • Celebrate Bob Marley's 5-day Music Birthday Festival in Negril, Jamaica
  • Strut in style at the Fashion Week, in New York City, USA
  • Feast your eyes at the Tulipmania in San Francisco, California, USA (Feb 9-18)
  • Catch Mardi Gras Parades through the month of February
  • Celebrate Chinese New Year
  • Watch the Daytona 500 (Feb 18)
  • Cheer your heart out at the NBA All-Star (Feb 15-17)
  • See the Carnivale, in Venice, Italy (Feb 16-Mar 5)
  • Dance to the beat at the Vhi Supersonic Festival, in Pune, India (Feb 16-17)
What To Eat
  • Mango Pudding Fish
  • Seafood: skate, salmon, cod, mussel (end season)
  • Fruits: apples, pears, oranges
  • Vegetables: squash, sprouts