Global News: Global Culinary Scene, European Spring Break Destinations, and more!

Irresistible Global Culinary Scene
They say the best way to understand the culture of your chosen destination is through its food scene. How? With its own season, preparation, and history, food is technically your gateway to getting the best experience of a country. Its taste and scent fill not only your senses but also your mind as you trace tradition through a variety of these dishes.
Globally-acclaimed landmarks you can’t miss
A fresh new year means new paths and adventures to take. But it can take some searching before you find a destination that will truly grab your attention and your heart. Luckily, the internet is a great place to look for fantastic places you can book trips and visit for 2019. Find yourself a list and take your pick of the most exciting destinations to date!
Instagrammable Dubai
We all know that there’s more to Dubai than just being named as the world’s busiest international airport for the fifth year in a row. And apart from having the tallest building in the world, a remarkably luxurious resort, and some of the richest individuals, the emirates is also popular for stunning places worthy of a spot on every Instagram feed.
Food 101: Spain
Spain is often known for its passionate people and its artistic crafts and architecture, but one thing people often overlook is the variety of flavors the local restaurants and foods contain. It can be rewarding to explore, especially Spain’s gastronomic capital for 2019, Almería. Go on a food trip to this country yourself for the year and indulge in your sense of taste by filling your belly with Spanish delights.
European Spring Break Destinations
How can you have a fun-filled spring break getaway in Europe? Travel to some of its best cities and rediscover the season in bloom through food, culture, and history. Join a tapas tour for a food trip; see the traditional Semana Santa, discover the nightlife, or stroll the medieval streets of the city of Seville. Get a taste of fine wine, marvel at verdant plateaus in Trieste. Head over to Berlin’s beer gardens, take on canal journeys, marvel at the burst of spring colors of the season.