Global News: #OhMyGreece Campaign Video, Elephants in Thailand Freed, and more!

Bringing More of Greece into the Limelight
It’s no wonder that Greece, along with its many beautiful characteristics from beaches, villages, food scene, history, and culture, has become one of the world’s favorite. And nothing is stopping this world-class destination from leaving the travel and tourism limelight. Its new tourism promotional video introduces more travel-worthy places that will unlock the enchantment feeling in every tourist.
Glacier Express: Swiss Scenic Tour on Rails
Feast your eyes on the vast, lush greeneries and majestic snow of the Swiss Alps and more by train. From Zermatt to St. Moritz, passing through 91 tunnels, over 291 bridges, and climbing the Oberalp Pass at 2,044m along 2 km, the slowest train, with panoramic windows, promises nothing but outstanding scenic tours.
Well-deserved Life for Rescued Thailand Elephants
Traveling is an eye-opening experience. Among the many experiences that tourists can come across is animal tourism. It has been considered as a form of entertainment, overshadowing the bigger picture that these animals are being maltreated and taken out of their natural habitat, all for human amusement and money. The performing elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand are among the world’s most fought over by many. Through a charity that aims to rescue these majestic creatures, the poor animals are indulging in their well-deserved unspoiled life.
Tips to A Smoother Airport Experience
No matter how much we prepare for our travels, the inevitable can still always happen. With a lot playing a role in putting your adventures into motion, there’s a great chance that things may not always end up the way we envisioned it. Among the many things to consider is the stress brought about by the airport business, so here’s how you can relax despite the mishaps.