Global News: Picture Perfect Auckland, European Motor Journeys, and more!

Auckland on the Gram
There’s no denying that New Zealand is known for its sweeping views including popular filming locations (yes, Hobbit and Lord of the Rings). But do you know that its biggest city, Auckland, makes a name for itself through a charm of its own? Being the country’s most populous area, the urban oasis boasts of lens-worthy attractions that will surely make your friends envious of your adventure.
Two-wheel Journeys in Europe
Are you a fan of motorcycle road trips? Love to feel the open air of the road while enjoying the sights that seem to fly by around you? You might like the idea of motorcycle journeys across Europe with these amazing trips across the smooth roads filled with all kinds of eye candy to enjoy and stops in towns to make relaxing stops in between rides. So why not rev your engines and enjoy an idyllic ride through the European countryside.
Budget Travel Destinations
With the right approach to planning your travel, going to your desired destination is possible. Not only does the process involve budgeting and constant research in getting the best deals, choosing the places to see and experience also play a great role in making your adventures happen. Here are a few places to consider traveling to without having to impose tight budgeting on yourself.
Melbourne, A Happy Journey
What comes to mind when you think of Australia? Sunny beaches? Kangaroos? How about… happiness? It looks like Melbourne has recently earned the crown of being the Happiest City in the World for 2019. With a high quality of life and so much to explore, like food, culture, nature, and more, it’s no wonder this place is a veritable ground for smiles, excitement, and laughs.