Packing tips for Corregidor tourists

The island of Corregidor is a fascinating destination where history lies in both the objects left behind and the lore that is shared across the ages by tour guides on the island. But, as with all kinds of different travel destinations across the globe, some preparation and packing can ensure you enjoy the most of your time while there.
For Corregidor, here are some items that may help during your adventures there:
Screen the sun
Being part of a tropical archipelago, it's only natural that the sun would be quite warm, especially in the noontime, when it is at its highest point, and the afternoon. Even with all the foliage and sea breezes blowing through the isle, it can still get pretty hot with the sun beating down on you. Be sure to bring sunscreen and apply it before disembarking from the trip.
Dress for the occasion
Aside from sunscreen, a proper outfit can help mitigate the effects of harsh, sunny days. Its preferable to wear breathable sleeves and pants to protect your skin from direct sunlight. But if you decide to do a tank top or sportswear for your journey, pack a jacket, a cardigan or a big hat to cover your head.
Small water container
Some boats that travel to Corregidor hand out bags with things like bottled water or a small fan in a bag, but it's always best to have your own supply with you. Bring a small purse or bag that can accommodate a water container for drinking and make sure to keep hydrated. The small bag can also be useful for bringing small items like wallets, towels, and maybe peppermints or meds if you need it.
Shoes made for walking
You might be tempted to wear some nice or stylish shoes while on the trip. Even with a tram to drive you around, however, there is still a lot of walking to be done in certain locations. As such, it's best to select comfort over style when it comes to your Corregidor outfit. A nice pair of sandals can work, but maybe a comfy pair of sneakers can do well to shield your sensitive feet from the sun.
Traveling with power
Your phone can be a pretty handy device while on the go. It can take historic notes, snap photos, record videos, and call or text in case of emergencies. The problem is, with the lack of proper outlets and constant location jumping, you might not be able to save your phone if it's on its last charge for the day. With a power bank, you can be assured that your personal device is charged and ready for action no matter what the place or time.
Those are the basics of what you’ll need when traveling to an island like that. There are lots of sights to see and stories of the past to learn while on this journey, so it would be a waste to miss the sights just because you’re a little uncomfortable or such. Always be prepared!