Russian Travel Tips

Russia can be such an interesting and wonderful place to explore. But with the changes in both culture and climate, it can be a bit of a challenge to prepare for a trip there. This is especially true for people traveling there for the first time. With a quick list of tips, however, you can easily adapt and pack accordingly.
Get your prep game on point for your Russian journey with these great tidbits pre-travel to Russia:

Check the calendar

Gotta be careful what date you arrive in Russia or your exciting trip might end up feeling underwhelming or even limited. During the first week of January and May, big events will be happening so museums and stores may close earlier than usual. If you really want to make the most of your visit, pick a time where no big festival is happening.

Don’t believe stereotypes

In the movies and in stories, people make out that Russia is a very strict and military-based country. But contrary to how the media would portray these stereotypes, Russia is much more welcoming and beautiful than how it is often displayed. So if you’ve been on edge about visiting Russia because of how the media portrays it, you’ll be perfectly fine!

Learn basic Cyrillic words and Russian phrases

As is the case with many countries, learning the local language can be pretty beneficial. Russia is a very distinct language and its letters can be confusing. Having a handy guide and learning the pronunciation of basic terms like “hello” or “Do you know where this is”. It’ll definitely weaken that massive language barrier a little.

Respect the church areas

Russian people take the sanctity of their churches quite seriously, so be mindful if you want to visit a few on your journeys. For men, take off your hats as a sign of respect. For women, cover your head and shoulders with a scarf. Some churches might even ask women to wear skirts and have wraps readily available for visitors to wear in case.

Government structure pics are a no-no

Another equally important building rule is to avoid taking pictures of government buildings. You might be tempted to take a quick pic for your instagram feed or a status update, but get caught and you might find yourself being arrested. It’s better to avoid taking pictures of official-looking buildings or at least asking permission if you can take one or not to a nearby guard.

Always carry your papers

Security may seem a little bit tighter in Russia compared to where you came from, so it’s always best to have your passport, visa, and an ID on you when traveling. Having them around will make it easier to explain that you’re a visiting tourist, especially since the police in Russia seem to be a lot more detail oriented than your typical cops.
The advice listed down is just a basic rundown of what you can and can’t do while setting foot in a cool and culturally rich country like Russia. Are you ready for your Russian adventure? Maybe you want to visit now after reading some of the great things about it? As long as you prepare thoroughly, you won’t have any trouble enjoying your time there.