Tasty Travels: Guacamole, Mexico

Have you ever had a bowl of guacamole? This creamy green mash of avocados, diced onions, sliced tomatoes, salt, lime juice, and cilantro. This wonder of Mexican deliciousness can be added to all manner of foods if prepared right. From tacos to chips, this fantastic dip is as versatile as it can get.
The origin of this green dish can be traced all the way to ancient Aztec civilization, back to the 1500’s. The ancient people created a dip called ahuaca-mulli, which can mean “avocado-mixture”. When invading Spaniards conquered them, they found the dip so delicious that they wanted to bring the mixture back to their homeland. Because of the lack of avocados in the modern world at the time, however, their attempts ended in failure. But even with their botched attempts, the flavor stuck with them till the 1900’s where Guacamole saw a resurgence in popularity.
Guacamole is pretty simple to make. As long as the ingredients are fresh and flavorful, the dish will come out delicious and zesty. If you want to host a party and are looking for a tasty dip for our guests to sink their chips in, why not prep some a bowl of guac to get their taste buds going.