Tasty Travels: Mohinga, Myanmar

In a country like Myanmar, food can be a new and exciting experience for visitors. With many local ingredients used in a lot of their dishes, it can be a real treat to people who are unfamiliar with the local flavors. One of the most well-known dishes is Mohinga, a meal said to be the unofficial national breakfast dish.
But what is Mohinga even made of? Let’s look into some of the ingredients that you can find in this hot and sour soup. Primarily, this slurp-worthy meal is made up of rice and rice noodles. The broth consists of lemon grass, ginger, white and black pepper, salt, bay leaves, and, most importantly, the catfish that's been scaled and gutted. As for the soup, you’ll need vegetable oil, garlic, paprika, red onions, turmeric, and fish sauce.
Each part is often created separately before being mixed into one delicious bowl of Myanmar flavor and goodness. But you can’t just mix all the ingredients and expect to have a tasty dish suddenly appear. The quality of the ingredients and the method of cooking are very important and can make or break a good Mohinga. The locals can’t get enough of this dish and long lines will often form in front of places that use quality ingredients.
Are you ready to sip a spoonful of this warm veggie and fish soup? Make your way to Myanmar and get yourself a bowl to celebrate the memorable journey.