Tourists' Basics to Keep in Mind

Whether traveling alone or with a group to unfamiliar territories, it is important to bear in mind a few things that will make the journey a rewarding and memorable one. A traveler is first an ambassador of his/her home before it became an ambassador of the country being visited, so it's best to uphold a lasting impression.
  • Get travel insurance. Anything can happen when you're out and about on your adventures, better to be ready for the unexpected right?
  • Make friends, especially with locals. Apart from food, the locals are your gateway to your destination.
  • Eat local food. Try street food and avoid dining in restaurants at tourist-heavy locations where it's usually pricey. Explore a little farther from points of interest where you can find authentic local restaurants with food that won't cost you a lot.

  • Contact your credit card issuer and give them a travel notice. Avoid the hassle of a denied or fraud transaction.
  • Be in the know of your destination's type of power plug and outlet, because there's always a dilemma in the shape of the plug and the voltages, including your gadgets' required voltage. If possible, buy yourself a universal adapter you can bring to any trip.
  • Have copies of your passport ready - a hard copy (photocopy) and soft copy (email), for emergency purposes.
  • Make sure to carry extra cash. It is practical to have few US dollar bills as it is commonly used around the world.
  • Withdraw money from ATM's to get cash in local currency instead of exchanging foreign currencies, however, there may be certain charges in international ATM transactions.
  • Stay hydrated but to be safe, avoid using tap water to drink and brush your teeth. Since not all places have access to clean water, it's best to either bring a portable water filter or simply buy bottled water.

  • Equip your phone with basic apps such as language translator, (unit) converter, dictionary, and maps. For security reasons, load up on data instead of using public Wi-Fi. Better safe than sorry. Also, make sure you have charged portable battery packs.
  • Always pack extra pairs underwear, a shirt, a toothbrush, and a first aid kit in your hand carry, just in case you lose your luggage while in transit.
  • When traveling solos, let someone know your whereabouts and avoid the risk of going out alone.
  • Keep a map, if not, take a photo or screenshot of one for reference.