7 Tips for a Memorable Spain Trip

Whether you plan to go on a backpacking (maybe even soul-searching) trip in Spain or simply bask in a well-deserved vacation, here are tips that will spare you from hassles or awkward situations while building new relationships on your journeys.
  1. Make a list of which region(s) you plan on visiting and do your homework ahead of time. Each of the 17 different, beautiful regions have their own distinct way of life, food scene, attractions, festivities, traditions, and language, so it is only important and respectful enough to have the right knowledge and understanding of your chosen destination(s).
  2. There's more to their language than just Castilian Spanish. It would be great to have some knowledge of the Spanish language from your chosen destination (like Catalan in Barcelona, Basque in Sebastian and Bilbao, etc.) to avoid embarrassing moments with locals.
  3. It's best to plan on which season you want to explore Spain. While basking in the warmth of the summer sun seem irresistible, temperatures can hit up to an average of 74F. It can get pretty hot, especially in the landlocked cities of Seville, Cordoba, and Madrid. Consider seasonal destinations, activities, festivals, and of course, when fares, tour packages, and accommodation are relatively cheaper. It all depends on what you want to see and do.

  4. Spanish food is incredible! And since traditional local cuisine is popular for meat and poultry dishes, make sure to plan ahead and look into dining places that have a variety of meal option that fits your preference. However, Spain also has an abundance of locally grown vegetables so some research will ensure you enjoy a filling Spanish meal in no time.
  5. Siestas aren't only meant for sleep. To escape the heat during scorching days, shops are usually closed in the afternoon. Whether this 2 to 3-hour break is for taking naps or grabbing a snack with family or friends, the siesta is rooted deep in the Spanish culture and plays a role in the daily lives of locals.
  6. Nightlife is big in Spain! Drinking, dining, and dancing are an integral part of Spanish culture. So it's not all about getting wasted but more of socializing. You could have interesting conversations with locals over food or drinks, dancing flamenco or salsa in clubs, and enjoy live music performances until sunrise on a weekend at bars. That's just traditionally how it is when in Spain.

  7. Regular programming in Spain is quite different. While lunch is usually at 12 noon elsewhere, it's not earlier than 1:30pm in most places across this country. Why do they enjoy long nights in town (especially on weekends) though? It's because locals tend to grab their dinner on or by 9 in the evening. Ideally, designing your day-to-day itinerary based on their timetable is the key to making the most out of your trip. You don't wanna miss out all the fun in Spain, do you?