Destination Feature: Corregidor

The draw of Corregidor Island as a tourist destination is the way it allows visitors to enjoy peeking into the old days. The island tours let people learn more about its purpose while still becoming a memorable destination. These are the ways this old Philippine World War II base has made blasts to the past more enjoyable:
Serene Landscape. Surrounded by deep foliage and cooling winds, the peaceful vibe often belies the violence that has been buried in darker days. The winding island roads where the tourist trams drive through are close to the ocean, letting riders feel the relaxing ocean breeze.

Interactive Recollections. One of the highlights there is the Malinta Tunnel, a bunker, and makeshift hospital. Since its war days, it has been converted into a light and sound show that takes you step-by-step across the scenes from the past through the use of mood lighting and sound effects.
Marking Sacrifices. Buildings and monuments have become lasting reminders of the brave souls who fought in days past. From the Japanese Memorial Garden with its grand views to the Dome near the Corregidor War Memorial Museum which has a special event every May 6th at 12 noon.

Remnants of War. Another impressive feat is the items researchers have salvaged through the years. The Corregidor War Memorial Museum has many trinkets, uniforms, and even weapons salvaged post-war. Across the island, several fully intact cannons can be found. Nothing is left of the Mile Long Barracks but the ruins of war.

After you’ve enjoyed your tour, board the boat for your return to Manila after a long day. Until next time, enjoy your travels.