España: Every Travelers’ Must-visit Destination

Being the 4th largest country in Europe, Spain consists of 17 regions in the Iberian Peninsula and offering wide variations to every kind of traveler. Each region has its original cultures, traditions, and even having their own language. From the snow- capped Mountain Pyrenees in Catalonia to the hot and sandy beaches in Andalucia whatever kind of person you are, you can surely find something to love in Spain. Here are 3 reasons why Spain should be in your top travel bucket list:
Rich history and enchanting art scene
Feed your curiosity with some of the great architectures, museums, and landmarks full of history in the 3 major cities of Spain Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.
Madrid, the country’s capital city is full of life and is a mix of modern and traditional. It is where the official residence of the royal family, Palacio Real de Madrid, is situated. The bustling city is also a nook for art lovers. Museo Nacional del Prado is a museum housed to the precious artworks of great artists like Pablo Picasso and Diego Velazquez.
Visit one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is truly one of a kind. The church attracts thousands of travelers to see its magnificent and intricate detail. It was built in 1882 by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi and still far from finished until today.
Head to Valencia where the delicious dish Paella originated from. This coastal city is the third largest city in Spain and offers a lot of sandy beaches perfect for relaxing and beach bumming. But one of the highlights of the metropolis is the City of Arts and Science that has 8 modern buildings dedicated to arts and science research facilities.
Vibrant Fiestas and electrifying nightlife
If there’s something that Spaniards love, it’s to socialize. The reason why they love having siestas in the afternoon? To prepare to party at night! Enjoy watching the sophisticated Flamenco dance while drinking Serveza, Sangria Wine, and munching on Tapas. This is the typical scene at night in many cities in Spain.
The La Tomatina and the Pamplona Bull run are the two famous fiestas of the country and are a must to experience. Who doesn’t want to have fun in a pool of crushed tomatoes? The streets of Buñol turn red in La Tomatina where locals hold an annual tomato fight in honor of their patron saint Louis Bertrand.
Feel the adrenaline rush in your vein in Pamplona’s Bull run. Once a year, the narrow streets of San Fermin are closed to let bulls run loose while the participants try to run in front of them. It might sound dangerous, but thrill-seeking travelers are often sure to attend this annual festival.
Fiery beaches and stunning landscapes
Thanks to the surrounding Mediterranean and Atlantic sea, Spain has the best beaches in Europe. One of the most often mentioned in movies and song is Ibiza the tropical haven for partygoers.
In much-relaxed south, you will find the archipelago of Canary islands, where the highest point of Spain, Mt. Teide in Tenerife island is situated. This volcano is the third highest volcanic structure and one of the most voluminous in the world.
But Spain isn’t just about beaches, their mountain ranges are beautiful too. If you’re into hiking and a nature lover you can surely enjoy exploring the Liebana Valley in Cantabria. The landscape looks like it is straight out from a fairytale book.
With all the things that have been mentioned, are you already convinced that Spain should be included in your top travel bucket list? If you’re already packing your bags and heading to the airport to visit, remember the saying “Mi casa essu casa” (My home is your home) because you can surely find something to love and make you feel at home in Spain. Adios! Hasta La vista amigos!.