Global News: 2019 Best Cruise Destination, Affordable European City Breaks, and more!

Greece 2019 Best Cruise Destination
Greece’s blue waters, clear skies, with the backdrop of sunny, breathtaking seascapes, and ideal climate make it worthy of being awarded as this year’s “best destination - both as a port and a country” by the UK cruise industry’s Wave Awards. With charming culture, amazing attractions, various seascapes all over 2,000 islands, there’s no doubt Greece will sweep you off your feet.
1 Destination, 2 Seasons
Travelers are getting the best out of their vacations in one of the more popular adventure types: “climate hopping”. One of the newest travel trends is heading to one destination that offers two seasons. Why experience one if you can get the best of both worlds - snow-capped mountains and the glorious sunset by the beach. Find out which destinations are best to travel to on certain months that lets you indulge in two seasons.
Must-see Natural Wonders: Southeast Asia
The Southeast Asian region is one of the world’s richest when it comes to natural wonders. Despite the massive commercial developments, most of the landscapes are preserved, continue to thrive, and draw people from different parts of the world. For those who seek to be cradled in the arms of Mother Earth, it’s no wonder that nature-lovers keep coming back to this region.
European Cities to Travel to that Won’t Hurt your Pocket
Oftentimes people have the impression that traveling around Europe on a weekend break will cost an arm and a leg. Don’t worry, we’ve got great news for those who wish to tick off a European journey (on a city break) from their list. It’s time to find out what cities await your visit without breaking the bank.