Global News: Spring Destinations, Growing Interest in Solo Female Travels, and more!

16 Spring Journeys Around the World
Spring is fast approaching and it’s time to indulge in some budding journeys. While the magical winter was indeed a treat, we know that a lot of us are looking forward to warmer days and less layering. Check out the destinations where you can best marvel at nature life springing into life.
New Rules: US passport holders on visiting Europe
By the year 2021, the EU will start requiring visa-free travelers, including US passport holders, an authorization, valid for three years, prior to travels to the Schengen region. The European Travel Information and Authorization System was established in July 2018 to efficiently manage the union’s external borders, improve security, avoid information gap, and migratory risks on visa-free travelers.
Wheelchair Travel Tips
Traveling on a wheelchair can be quite a struggle - from booking flights, rolling through crowded airports, falling in line, and generally sitting for long hours. Find out the best tips on how to secure a seat, make your way around conveniently through immediate assistance.
Trending: Solo Female Travels
Who runs the world? GIRLS. Gone are the days when women traveling alone is a stigma and are regarded as a negative thing. A recent survey among respondents in the US and UK region by Culture Trip showed a growth in the number of SOWA or Solo Women Adventures) conquering the world, one country at a time. Furthermore, other results indicated that more women have shown interest in traveling solo in the future, the type of travel experience they sought for, and the top destination choices.