Global News: US Ecotourism Destinations, Business Travels Made Easy, and more!

Where To Go on Eco-friendly Journeys in the US
It’s about time that green travels become a growing practice in this generation. Being able to check an item off your bucket list is indeed a rewarding feeling, but you know what’s even more rewarding? Heading to an ecotourism destination with a sustainable practice supporting untapped natural wonders instead of popular man-made machines. Sounds like a great reason to revamp your bucket list, right? Check out where to go on your next adventure and look forward to completing a bucketing list of fulfilling adventures.
Europe’s Most Colorful Places
Europe has constantly and gracefully secured its spot as a continent renowned for its classical charms. More than the historic landmarks, impeccable architecture, iconic cultural sites, this land also radiates in both natural and man-made beauty. Let its breathtaking colors and structures inspire you on your next European journey across this continent and be prepared to spice up your Instagram feed.
25 Best Beaches in the US to Visit
It may not be summer yet, but as long as the sun is shining and the skies are bright and blue (and maybe with few fluffy clouds here and there) it's definitely a great time to hit the beach. American travel and restaurant online company, TripAdvisor, rounds up the top 25 beach destinations across the US. When you plan on driving or flying to a nearby beach destination, this list will help you plan your best coastal adventure.
Business Travel Made Easy
There are many types of travel - business, education, leisure, volunteer work, etc. However, going on business trips usually means dealing with a jam-packed schedule, different time zones, accommodations, and work itself. That said, many dread the idea of traveling for work. But with advancements in travel customization and mobile function, research, travel tips, and hacks, it’s possible to make a business trip less of an ordeal.