Iconic Nippon

Japan has always been an iconic country with its own brand of cultural nuances, clothes, food, and more. The distinct style and personality of the “land of the rising sun" really sets it apart from the many countries across the globe, so we’re here to point out some of these amazing and exclusive items to help you get more familiarized with their culture in the east.
The traditional dress of the Japanese people. This robe-like outfit is often made of dyed fabrics, sometimes with patterns, and draped across the body before being tied up tightly with a sash known as an obi. There are many varying styles and shapes to a kimono, depending on their function. There are those for males and females, some with short skirts, some made for leisure, and others made for grand occasions like weddings.
You might think raw fish isn’t as delectable as it sounds, but the Japanese have proven this notion wrong over the years with one of its most well-known delicacies. Sashimi is often cited for its unique feature of uncooked fish, but as with most well-loved delicacies, there are a few variations here and there. Some fishes are lightly roasted before being sliced into very thin slices, others are deeply soy sauce-marinated slabs of fish meat simply secured to rice with a seaweed wrap.
Public Bathhouses
You might think people bathing with their family members, especially if they’re older. But this country of the week may convince you that it might fun to bathe with them or strangers when it comes to a public bath community. Japanese people are fans of bathing and there are businesses that allow people within the community to bathe with each other called the public bathhouse or sento.
Otaku culture
If there is one thing Japan has been known for, its anime (Japanese animation) which has taken the world by storm. From innocent children shows to mature works, anime has so many genres that can cater to any person’s personal tastes. You’ll find that these animated series are a huge thing in Japan and that certain regions like Akihabara are filled to the brim with love for these animations.
Ceremonies and Festivals
Certain ceremonies and events are exclusive to Japan only and may have ties to their culture or way of life. Bon festival, a traditional festival that honors the spirits on one’s ancestors is like a Japanese Dia de Muertos. They also have several small holidays that focus on children or dolls (Hinamatsuri) as well.
It’s interesting to learn more about a country through their exclusive festivals, food, the way of dressing, and more. Culture is definitely one of the biggest factors for traveling to a new destination and sometimes they can change the way you view life itself.