Morocco Must-haves for Packing

The exotic country of Morocco is an interesting choice to visit for your next adventure, but coming unprepared may open you up to a bunch of different scenarios that might dampen the mood of your holiday. To avoid that, pack accordingly and be prepared for anything that might come your way.
Dress accordingly
The climate in Morocco may be a bit of a departure from your usual weather, so pack the appropriate outfits to make sure you’re prepared for the elements. In general, a wide hat to protect your head from heat, a hoodie to keep you warm in the cold mornings and nights. A scarf is a great way to keep your neck warm while also giving you a way to block sand from blowing into your face.
Seasonal wear
From June to August, it’ll be the summertime in Morocco. If you’re planning to visit around that time keep it light, but lengthy and respectful. For men, wear long shorts that reach over the knees. For ladies, keep the knees and shoulders covered as well. From November to February, however, things get milder in the morning but pretty cold at night. Bring a windbreaker, a wool hat, and a slightly thicker scarf to help keep those unexpected chills at bay.
Step to it
Footwear is important in a place with a different climate as well. In Morocco’s case, carry some sandals if you’re doing some casual walks, sneakers for activities, and maybe some flip flops if you’re planning to go to a beach or pool. Make sure they’re both sturdy and comfy so you don’t have to end the day massaging your feet.
Pack on track
A daypack is the best thing to have, especially if you’re taking trips and tours around the beaches and towns. It has to be big enough to hold important items like towels, an extra shirt and maybe a water bottle to keep hydrated on the go. It’s always best to have a smaller bag on hand, as carrying items by hand can get pretty annoying in the long run.
Screening and hydrating
As mentioned in the previous item, water is very important to stay hydrated in this warm weather. A sizeable bottle of water is sure to keep you going no matter how hot it can get. As for your skin, it may be wise to wear light and breathable clothing on a hot day, but your skin will get exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. This problem can easily be countered by bringing some sunscreen wherever you go.
Make sure your Moroccan getaway is free of stress by always having the right item at the right place at the right time. As long as you’re prepared, you’ll never get scared!