Tasty Travels: Clam Chowder, California

Being close to the beaches and seas means that a coastal region like California has its share of tasty seafood dishes. One of their most well-known dishes is a creamy soup known as Clam Chowder.
The thick soupy goodness is filled with a delicious bounty of the ocean, the aforementioned clams, along with a few other delicious ingredients to make a thick and tasty treat that you’ll want to slurp up. Californian clam chowder usually has butter, cornstarch, wine, and milk make up the soup portion. Ingredients like bacon/thin meat cuts, garlic, thyme, celery, potatoes, and yellow onions make up the literal meat of the dish which you can chew on and savor.
The mix of seafood, spices, veggies, and meat make this symphony of flavors a dish that is a must-try. If you’re visiting California, it’ll be worth your while to find a fine establishment to order this local delicacy and let the flavors of the sea flow into your mouth and tickle your tastebuds.