Tasty Travels: Okonomiyaki, Japan

Everybody likes a good pancake, a flat pan-fried cake, as the name suggests. It’s light, fluffy, and can go with all manner of syrups, creams, and even fruits. It’s a world-renowned dish that can be cooked in any part of the globe. But a variation of a flat “cake” you can fry exists in Japan which uses the batter in a different kind of way.
Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake with a mixed batter (made of flour, cabbage, and eggs), but instead, on focusing on the sweet aspect, you find fresh and savory flavors to mix up. A variety of condiments, meat, sauces, noodles or a fried egg can be topped on it to add even more flavor to the basic circle of batter.
In the US, it is sometimes known as “Japanese pizza” because of the shape and how people add ingredients up top, much like the food item in question. Sometimes, leftovers can be placed on top as a way to add flavor while avoiding food waste. From seafood to veggies, a variety of toppings can really change the dish you’re eating.