Tasty Travels: Paella, Spain

A traditional rice dish from Spain with a mixture of vegetables and meat, various seasonings with saffron as its main spice. The dish originates in the rice-producing area of Spain, Valencia. Back in the day, the local workers who lived by the coast would get seafood while those who reside inland would use duck, chicken, and/or rabbit.
To make the paella, first, pieces of meat are sautéed in olive oil with onions, garlic, and herbs. Next, the rice, tomatoes, saffron, and stock are simmered together in low heat. Finally, the meat, seafood, and lastly the vegetables are added. This is traditionally cooked outdoors over a wood fire in a pan or "paellera", where the dish got its name.
Over the years, there have been various evolutions of this dish namely a la marinera and alicantina, both coastal versions; negra, a seafood mixture with the distinct black sauce of the cuttlefish; and the valenciana, being the original.