Tasty Travels: Screwpine Juice, Corregidor Island

Screwpine (or Pandan to the locals) is a plant that is used in a lot of cooking, like for rice, native chicken, or the ever popular Lechon or spit-roast pig. But in the island of Corregidor, this sour sweet flavor-filler also comes in an interesting form-- a beverage.
Screwpine juice is a staple drink in the Corregidor island and is served to every guest upon landing on the island shore. The first thing you might notice about the juice is its peculiar coloration: a transparent green at the top and a distinct brown jelly-like mix at the bottom part. Through the years that the island has been open to guests, you can expect a fresh glass waiting for you at the port once your boat lands.
You don’t just get it at port too. If you want to stay overnight, you can order some more at the hotel where dining and drinks are available. Many people say the drink is a unique and refreshing welcome to the isle and it’s definitely a taste of something a little different from your usual vacation drinks. Across the country, Screwpine juice can be found in islands like Bohol, but in the remoteness of the island of Corregidor make this a welcome treat for first-time travelers and returning ones alike.