10 Facts About Massachusetts

While many of us are familiar that Harvard is among the oldest universities in North America and that Fig Newton got its name after Boston suburb of Newton, this state has more interesting facts that make it one of the historical destinations in the US. Here are 10 facts that are not well known to many:
  1. Home to Boston Common, the country's oldest public park.
  2. The Tremont Street Subway, built in Boston, Massachusetts in 1887, is the oldest subway in the United States.
  3. Revere Beach opened as America's first public beach on July 12, 1896
  4. Massachusetts, being part of New England, has the biggest cities - Boston and Worcester.
  5. First Thanksgiving celebration was held in Plymouth in 1621.
  6. Massachusetts' Agawan has the lowest ZIP code, for any of the states in the US.
  7. Home to The Paper House in Rockport, an actual house built out of paper in 1924 by Mr. Elis F. Stenman.
  8. Although Walter Hunt of New York built a sewing machine, it was Elias Howe's of Spencer Massachusetts that was patented in 1846.
  9. America's first lighthouse, Boston Light, was built in Little Brewster Island in 1716 and is still operational to this day.
  10. Happy Hour is banned in Massachusetts since 1984.